One Book: Habakkuk

Habakkuk: The Righteous Shall Live By Faith

Those who enter military service typically do so for noble reasons. They are upstanding, brave, and selfless individuals who want to protect others and do good in the world. Many are even followers of Christ. But—without demonizing all of the soldiers in opposing armies—when these loved ones go into combat, those they are fighting against are often notoriously evil…So when news comes that an honorable person has been killed at the hands of some vicious group, it’d be natural for their grieving loved ones to feel perplexed. Why would God allow this death?! And at the hands of those people no less! Why didn’t He intervene?!

This was a familiar line of questioning for the prophet Habakkuk. God told him that the Israelites would be destroyed by a vicious group of people called the Babylonians. This news led Habakkuk to ask questions of the Lord, trying to make sense of this impending suffering and what it implied about God. Join Pastor Marc Goodwin as we take a look together at Habakkuk’s conversation with the Lord, learning together how we ought to handle times in our own lives when we feel perplexed by God’s actions, timing, or lack of intervention.