One Book: Numbers

Numbers: The Dangers of Disbelief

To some people, a book called “Numbers” might sound pretty boring. But in the Hebrew language, the book of Numbers in the Bible is actually called “In the Wilderness.” Why? Because it serves as a sort of travel log of the Israelites’ (39-year) journey from Mt. Sinai through the wilderness to the Promised Land (it also includes numbers from two different censuses, if you were excited about the “numbers” part!). Like any journey, there are some tough times along the way. But we see over and over again how God is a faithful covenant-keeping God, even when His people are overcome with disbelief, dissatisfaction, and disobedience.

Often we look at these stories of the Israelites and shake our heads, but we are still prone to wander and need to caution our own hearts against the assumption that we’d never fail like they did. Numbers helps us to see our sinful human hearts and gives us a great picture of our faithful God who sent us a Rescuer in our wilderness.