One Book: Revelation

The Story of the Conquering Lamb

The Book of Revelation has to be one of the most polarizing books in the Bible. Some people find the imagery and symbolism so confusing, even grotesque, that they seem repulsed. Often, those sincere people avoid reading the book of Revelation, or they at least avoid reading all but a few choice passages that seem more clear and comforting to them. On the other hand, some Christians seem obsessed with the Book of Revelation, spending lots of time and energy trying to figure out the “hidden meanings” behind the various symbols, images, and use of numbers.

So, what should be our approach to the Book of Revelation? What’s this last book of the Bible about, anyway? Or, maybe we should ask who is the Book of Revelation about, and what difference should that make in our lives and church?

join us as we explore together this last book of the Bible. May we be moved to worship and faithful perseverance, come what may.