One Book: Judges

Judges: God’s People Need a King

Have you ever been stuck in a rut? Maybe you can’t quite break a certain habit or you just feel like something needs to be changed up. We all face times in our lives when we’re stuck in rut, and it can be very frustrating.

The Israelites were stuck in a rut, a cycle of disobedience they just couldn’t seem to break. God even gave them judges to help advise them and lead them, but as soon as the judge died, the people went right back to their old ways. It became pretty apparent: God’s people needed a spirit-empowered king to defeat their enemies and rule over them in righteousness.

The good news for us? We have that King, and His name is JESUS!

Join Dr. Matt Harmon as he leads us through the book of Judges, helping us to see that one of the greatest lies Satan tells us is that we’ll never change. But the truth is, through CHRIST we have freedom to walk in obedience and break the cycles of sin.