One Book: Ruth

Ruth: God’s Surprising Grace

Almost everyone loves a good story, especially stories that have happy endings after the characters face great difficulties. A really good story will stand the test of time, still captivating the minds and hearts of minds of generation after generation as the story is read and re-read, told and retold. How about a story that is still read by people all over the world after 3,000 years?

Many consider the book of Ruth a love story. In a way it is, but maybe not in the classic “chic flick”sense. There’s more to this story than “boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy marries girl.” It’s a story of desperate people who are down to their last crumb of hope, suddenly finding themselves feasting on God’s amazing grace.

Ruth is a story of God’s surprising grace poured out on unlikely candidates – ill-deserving candidates. In a sense, Ruth is your story and mine. It’s a story of God’s love for His people and how He is intentionally, providentially working in the lives of ordinary people for their good and for His glory – even when those people aren’t even thinking of God’s purposes.