Worshiped & Hated

Luke 2:21-35

Many of us have full December calendars. There are special kids’ programs, Christmas parties at work, holiday family gatherings, the Christmas Eve service . . . Whew! Lots of holiday interactions with co-workers, friends, and family members. For others of us, our holiday calendar is a bit less full, but we’ll probably all have some opportunity to interact with friends and family over the holidays.

Have you been thinking about and praying over the increased opportunities you’ll have for sharing Christ at these various holiday gatherings over the course of the next several weeks? How does that make you feel? Some of us may be kind of excited . . . but others may be a bit nervous. What if certain people don’t appreciate your “Jesus talk” at Christmas gatherings? What if people don’t want to hear about Jesus?

It’s a paradox, isn’t it? The story about our Savior Jesus being born brings about very different reactions. Some people worship Jesus. Others hate him.

Join Pastor Larry McCall in Luke 2:21-35 as he shares the good news of the Spirit’s miraculous work of turning “haters” into “worshipers.” He does that, doesn’t he? He’s already done that with many of us!