Honor Such People; Be Such People

Philippians 2:25-30

Who are your heroes in life? Remember when you were a kid wanting to be like someone else? Maybe it was an athlete or an actor or maybe someone in your family. It might not have even been a real person – maybe it was some fictional character in a movie or a book.

Maybe our desire to have heroes has something to do with us being image bearers of God. We were made for more than a meaningless life. We were made for the significant purpose of reflecting the glory of God. Maybe that’s why we crave heroes.

So who are our heroes? Who do we choose to honor? Who do we wish to emulate in our own lives? Why do we look up to those people? What is it in their lives that stirs our minds, our hearts, and our aspirations?

And, what about the children in our lives – our kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews? Who are their heroes? For us adults, are we deliberately pointing the kids to the right kind of heroes?

Join Pastor Larry McCall as we look at a passage that has so much to offer. In Philippians 2:29 the Apostle Paul directs the believers in Philippi to “honor such people.” “Such people.” What kind of people? People like Epaphroditus. People who risk for the cause of Christ. People who reflect Christ’s commitment to serve others for the glory of God, no matter what it costs them.