A People For God’s Own Possession

Genesis – Revelation

Throughout redemptive history, God intended to create a people who would reflect His beauty and live joyfully under His kind and sovereign rule. As we read the Old Testament, we see that God’s people repeatedly fail because of their sin, but God promises a a new covenant people who will fulfill this. Jesus obeys for us and in doing so becomes the true people of God (“true Israel”), thus forming the new covenant people of God around Himself. To mark us as the new covenant people of God, He pours out His Spirit on us so that we can be what the people of God were truly supposed to be.

Join Dr. Matt Harmon as he opens our new sermon series, “The Church: Home Away From Home,” with a high-altitude overview of the Bible’s promise of the Serpent Crusher and the fulfillment of that promise in Jesus Christ.

Application Questions
1. When you think about who you are (in other words, your identity), what are the key elements that come to mind?

2. What are some ways that we as the church are different from the people of Israel in the Old Testament?

3. How should we as believers respond to the fact that Jesus has perfectly obeyed where we have failed?

4. What specific areas of your life do you need fresh power from the Holy Spirit in order to obey more consistently?

5. How might it change your understanding of/attitude toward the church if you really believed that you are part of the people of God created to live joyfully and obediently under the rule of God?


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