Belonging: The Benefits of Membership

1 Peter 2:4-10

Lots of people in our North American culture “date” the church for years. Somehow, they never seem to be able to make the commitment to “belong” to the local church in any sort of official capacity. Wanting to keep their options open, they actually end up losing out on some of the benefits of church membership.

Join Pastor Larry McCall as he continues with the sermon series, The Church. This week, Pastor Larry addresses membership within the local church and looks at 1 Peter 2:4-10 to see what the Bible says about this important topic.  The sermon is titled, “Belonging: The Benefits of Membership.”

Application Questions:

Membership could be a sensitive subject to some folks, but it doesn’t need to be.  Here are a couple questions that may prove helpful.

1. Discuss in a “theoretical” way what some of the hindrances to church membership there are in our culture. What might need to happen for believers to work through those (apparent) obstacles?

2.  Discuss some of the things that keep even “formal” members on the fringe of church life and ministry (some ideas: weekend work schedules; giving priority to sports activities for the kids, especially on weekends; staying up late on Saturday nights making it tempting to sleep in on Sundays; making recreation a regular priority over church commitments, etc.)