Beginning the Journey

Acts 1:1-3

We read so much in the book of Acts about the Holy Spirit giving power to the church as they carried out the mission that their Leader, Jesus Christ had given them. Amazingly, this little band of Christ-followers, with so few observable resources, were able to take the gospel across the Roman Empire in just one generation. The message was unstoppable!

Jesus has given us at Christ’s Covenant Church the same mission, the mission of making fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. We have been given the same message of the gospel that Jesus gave the early church. And, we have been given the same “power source,” the Holy Spirit. Unstoppable: On Mission with a Message from God.

Join Pastor Larry McCall as we launch on this new year-long journey through the book of Acts.

Application Questions
1. How familiar are you with the book of Acts? What excites you about working through it?

2. Luke says in these initial few verses that the gospel he wrote was about what Jesus began to do and teach while on the earth. What does that imply about Jesus’ role in the events that would unfold after He ascended back into heaven? Is that still the case today?

3. Based on his introduction to his gospel (Luke 1), Luke wanted his readers to know that his writings were historically reliable. Have you ever struggled with doubt about the truthfulness of what’s recorded in books like Luke or Acts? How have you waded through those questions?

4. Starting a new sermon series is a good opportunity to re-up our efforts to engage God’s Word. Practically speaking, what can you do to ensure that you are soaking in this book and allowing the Holy Spirit to use it in your life? How about your family members?