Good, Better, Best

Acts 8:4-25

Sometimes, life is good. Things are falling into place and all seems right in our world. Then something better comes along, and we want that too! But in all of it, we can miss what is best, what is lasting, what is eternal.

Join Pastor Kyle Brenneman in Acts 8:4-25 where one man misses what is best because he is focused on what is better. It’s something we probably all do far more than we realize.

Application Questions
1. We are sometimes hesitant to share the gospel with people. What is at the root of our hesitancy at those times? Fear of rejection? Worried we won’t know how to answer questions? Apathy? Afraid of offending someone? What are we forgetting about God and the gospel in those moments?

2. How can we tell if we are seeking to glorify God or ourselves? How are ways that you’ve tried to use God to glorify you? Also encourage one another in ways that you’ve seen others sacrifice or serve in ways that have brought attention to God.

3. Are there things of the world that you are tempted to try to bring along into your relationship with God? What are some ways you try to justify it?

4. There are good things – things God has given in order that we might look to him – that we sometimes get fixated on and miss the fact that they are meant to point us to him. Are there things that are particularly tempting for you in this way? How do we battle the temptation to set our gaze too low?