Peter, Pigs, & the People of God

Acts 10:1-33

For hundreds of years prior to the coming of Jesus, God’s people had been forbidden to eat meat from pigs (and from numerous other animals too). So even if they could have afforded it, there definitely wouldn’t have been any celebratory eating of Christmas ham by Mary and Joseph…or the shepherds…or anybody in Bethlehem back on that first Christmas.

Join Pastor Marc Goodwin as we continue our trek through the book of Acts about this “unstoppable” advance of the gospel to more and more people in the early days of the church. We’ll come across a story that might seem curious to us at first—the apostle Peter is told to “kill and eat” some of those animals that had previously been forbidden. But as we’ll see, God was communicating about something far more dramatic than a mere change in diet. God was putting Peter on notice that He was about to dramatically change the make-up of His people in ways that would be hard for Jews to wrap their minds around.