We’re Expendable. God’s Dependable.

Acts 12:1-19

Many of us believe that lie that God needs us. And He owes us. And He would never want us to suffer or die.

Yet as we open up Acts 12, we see right off the bat that this isn’t the case. James the apostle is murdered. And Peter is thrown in prison (again), facing a similar fate—though God would miraculously deliver him.

We learn two major truths in this passage:

1. We’re expendable.
2. God’s dependable.

Join Pastor Marc Goodwin as we see how these ideas weave their way through this chapter.

Application Questions
1. If you are honest, how comfortable are you with the prospect of dying? What sort of things factor in to your comfort with it or fear of it? What parts of the gospel help us think rightly about death and suffering?

2. For those with children, how would you respond if your child wanted to go to a dangerous region hostile to Christianity where threat of death was real?

3. Following the example of these early Christians, spend time praying for people around the world who are facing real threat of death for proclaiming and following Jesus.

4. Read Luke 9:23-24 and process what it means for us in northern Indiana to “take up our cross,” “deny ourselves,” and “lose our lives” for the sake of Jesus.