Confusion About the Kingdom

Acts 1:4-11

We can only imagine the different emotions the disciples must have felt as they watched their leader and Savior, Jesus, be lifted back up into the heavens in Acts 1. Jesus’ followers had watched with shock and horror as He was crucified several weeks before, and then — wow! He came back to life again! He lived with them and walked among them for the next 40 days, and now He was leaving…again.

Join Pastor Nate McLaurin in Acts 1:4-11 as we look at the disciples’ confusion about Jesus’ kingdom and see how Jesus, along with two angels, gave them the confirmation they needed to start spreading the good news of Christ!

Application Questions
1. Why do you think Jesus told His disciples to stay in Jerusalem? What might they have learned (or been reminded of) by waiting?

2. What promises of God have been particularly powerful for you to remember as a follower of Jesus? Why is it instructive to remember what God has not promised as well?

3. If Jesus has given His disciples an exact date of His return (especially something like 2000+ years later), what might that have done to their sense of urgency in the spread of the gospel? How urgent do you feel that your task is of making disciples?

4. Jesus promised “power” to His disciples through the Holy Spirit—power tied to being “witnesses” for Him. How powerful do you feel in the mission of making disciples? What truths are important to remember when you feel your own weakness and timidity in evangelism?

5. Who has God placed in your life that you can be a witness to? Spend time praying for these people and asking the Spirit to show His power as you tell them about Jesus.