The Sovereign Spirit

Acts 16:6-15

How do you respond to “closed doors”? Paul, Silas, and Timothy experienced some doors explicitly said to be closed by none other than the Holy Spirit Himself. Sometimes God’s plans for us are different from what we would have expected. How should we respond when that happens? Join Pastor Larry McCall in Acts 16:6-15.

Application Questions

Trusting the Lord’s sovereign guidance…
1. Consider a situation where you or someone you know experienced a significant “closed door.” How did you respond to that “closed door”? (Some people tend to just “quit” while others just keep banging on the closed door!)

2. What did the Lord teach you through that experience? How would you like to grow in responding to closed doors in light of this week’s passage?

3. How might we become more sensitive to the Spirit’s leading in our lives – not just to “closed doors” but to “open doors!”?

Trusting the Spirit’s sovereign grace…
1. Does believing in God’s sovereign grace in salvation hinder or encourage evangelism? Why do you answer as you do? What is there to learn from Paul’s personal testimony on this issue in 2 Tim. 2:10?