Same Old Story?

Acts 17:1-15

Have you ever thought about reading your Bible but then found yourself thinking, “Well, I’ve read most of the stuff in there. It’s the same old story.” If we’re honest, many of us would admit to feeling this way sometimes.

In Acts 17, we find Paul & Silas in Thessalonica working hard to convince the people there of the truth of the Gospel in Jesus Christ. These people met together to hear Paul on three different Sabbath days, but it seemed like once a week was enough religious “food” for them. In contrast, the “more noble” Bereans eagerly searched the Scriptures daily to determine if Paul was preaching the truth.

Join Pastor Kyle Brenneman as we look at Acts 17:1-15, an account with a familiar pattern that might leave us tempted to say, “Yep. Same old story.” But God has much to teach us if we are open to the moving of His Spirit! And HIS story never gets old!