God’s People Prepare for Mission

Acts 1:12-26

During the time between Jesus’ Ascension and the fulfillment of God’s promise to fill the disciples with the Holy Spirit, the disciples are commanded to wait in Jerusalem. As we continue our journey together through the Book of Acts, we have the privilege of getting an inside perspective on how the early followers of Jesus gathered and waited on the Father to fulfill His promise. Join Pastor Nate McLaurin as we aim to learn a thing or two about how we can wait upon the Lord for Him to prepare us for our mission together!

Application Questions
1. Are you reading along in the book of Acts as an individual or as a family? If so, what are you learning and being challenged by?

2. From the get go, we see that the disciples obeyed Jesus’ commands—even the hard ones like, “stay in Jerusalem.” Where do you see obedience or disobedience to the commands of Jesus in your own life? Remembering that disciples of Jesus are to obey the commands of Jesus (Matthew 28:20), how familiar would you say you are with what the commands of Jesus actually are?

3. How “devoted” are you individually to prayer? How about your family? What about your Life Group? How can you make this more of a priority in your life?

4. Judas’ falling away from Jesus, and his ultimate demise, show us that being around Jesus doesn’t mean you are truly His. Have you ever been around Jesus without truly trusting in and following Jesus? Who might be people in your life right now that are around Jesus but not truly united with Him?

5. Though the manner in which they did so might seem foreign to us, the apostles sought out God’s guidance in the selecting of a new apostle—a major decision. How faithfully do you seek God’s guidance as you make decisions? What avenues do you seek to find it through?