Three Fear-Dissolving Promises of God

Acts 18:1-17

One can appreciated the honesty and humility of this particular missionary when you read this in one of his letters: “I came to you in weakness with great fear and trembling.” Do you know the name of the missionary who wrote that candid confession? That was the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 2:3.

Do you picture the Apostle Paul as being afraid sometimes? He was, after all, human. He faced so many discouragements, difficulties and dangers in his ministry, didn’t he? What did God use to dissolve Paul’s fears? What motivated Paul to keep on keeping on with his commitment to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who were lost?

And, what about us? We face a variety of discouragements and difficulties when we try to speak for Christ in our workplaces, schools and neighborhood, don’t we? What can dissolve our fears of evangelizing the lost people around us? What will empower us to keep on keeping on with our mission?

Join Pastor Larry McCall in Acts 18:1-17, the story of Paul in a challenging mission field, the corrupt city of Corinth, where the Lord did some amazing things in a society given over to money, sex and sports.

Application Questions

  1. Take some time to consider your fears when it comes to sharing the gospel in your own relationships. What fears do you sometimes have that keep you from sharing the gospel or maybe make you want to quit sharing the gospel?”
  2. What truths about God help dissolve those fears? It might be something that’s true of God’s character (His attributes) or God’s promises. (BTW, let’s be careful to not “claim” certain promises as our own that were intended for someone else. For instance, God didn’t promise “protection” to every Christian in every situation. Even though Paul was promised God’s protection in Corinth, he did suffer in other cities. We ALL, though, are promised God’s protection from His wrath because of Christ).
  3. Spend time praying for us as a church that we would “keep on keeping on” with our mission of declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ.