Making & Strengthening Disciples

Acts 18:18-19:10

What if a coach spent all his time recruiting new players for his team, but never spent any time developing his current players? What if a boss spent all her time hiring new employees into the company, but never spent time training her current employees? What if a married couple kept adding child after child to their family, but never spent time parenting the children they already have?

In any group or organization, onboarding people is vital. But training them is just as important…The church is no exception…Yet we often emphasize one of these to the neglect of the other.

Join Pastor Marc Goodwin as we look at Acts 18:18-19:10. We will get a glimpse of the early church and how they made new disciples but also strengthened their fellow disciples. Let’s pray that the Spirit will stir each of us up to do the same!

Application Questions

  1. What is the difference, if any, between being a believer in Jesus (as many many people in our culture claim to be) and being a disciple of Jesus (as Luke uses the term here in Acts)? (For those with children: how are you teaching your children to be disciples and not just mere believers?)
  2. When do you believe you truly started following Jesus as a disciple, and who did God use to share the gospel with you and challenge you to follow Him.
  3. How many disciples would you say that you have made in your lifetime? Who are two people you could/should be praying for and seeking to engage with the gospel right now? What might be potential “inroads” you could take/make to begin interacting with them about the gospel? Take some significant time to pray for those people by name and for each other’s boldness in sharing with them.
  4. Even though Apollos was a gifted teacher, he still was humble enough to listen to the challenge of those more mature than him. How willing do you think you are individually to acknowledge your weakness and to receive input from others?
  5. How well do you think your Life Group does when it comes to actually “strengthening” each other? What parts of your group’s interactions are practically helpful in that regard? What might be some modifications or reorientations you could make to better strengthen each other as we gather?