You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Acts 19:11-20

Sometimes you hear a story so absolutely absurd that it has to be true. There’s no way to write a story that… weird.

Welcome to Acts 19:11-20, a passage with healing handkerchiefs, itinerant Jewish exorcists, an unfair fight, men running through the streets naked, and a book burning. Yeah, you can’t make this stuff up.

Join Pastor Kyle Brenneman to hear how all of this adds up to a warning about trying to live in two different worlds instead of fully embracing Jesus.

Application Questions
1. For the sons of Sceva, this was probably one of their most embarrassing moments. Think about your most embarrassing moments in life. Did God teach you anything through those times?

2. Are there things from your “pre-Christian” life or from the world now that tempt you to add a little bit of “Jesus” so you don’t have to give it up?

3. What one thing in your life, if you got rid of it, would help you more fully embrace Jesus?

4. Do you have someone in your life who knows your deepest struggles and “worst” sins? If not, be thinking of who you might be able to confess your sins to.