Impacting Our Culture

Acts 19:21-20:1

Throughout history, there have been all sorts of riots—times where groups of people been riled up and rallied together to show their anger or frustration (often in rather violent ways).

As we keep rolling along in our journey through Acts, we read about one such riot. Although the end result was rather tame in comparison to some (no deaths, beatings, vandalism, etc.), we’ll see that the Ephesian idol-makers were furious with early Christians for turning people away from their “gods” and the industry built around them. These early followers of Jesus were making a profound impact for the sake of Jesus on the culture in which they were living!

Join Pastor Marc Goodwin in Acts 19:21-20:1, and ask the Holy Spirit to stir up a desire in us to do the same—to challenge our culture’s idols & champion Jesus in charitable manner.

Application Questions
1. Have you ever been part of a mob/riot of some sort? What was it like? If you haven’t, have you seen any riots on the news before? What kinds of emotions do you find at riots?

2. How could you be effective at challenging/exposing people’s idols? What sort of things are common “functional gods” that people around us worship and orient their lives around?

3. What idols are present in your life? Possibly utilize an X-ray question to get the group to evaluate their own hearts.

4. What makes Jesus a better “god” than the counterfeits we often worship? What would someone see in your life that would demonstrate to them that Jesus is your God and that you are glad to serve Him?

5. How have you observed obnoxiousness in Christians (even ones that are genuinely trying to impact people for Jesus)? What will help us be charitable in our interactions with unbelievers?

6. Who is someone you could engage this week to impact for the sake of Jesus? Pray for them and plan to update your Life Group next week on how things are going with them.