When Good Intentions Go South

Acts 21:15-36

Have you ever made the hard decision to do the right thing, only to have the results “go south”? You’re faced with a decision: you could do what you would actually prefer, maybe what would be easiest for you personally. Or, you could sacrifice your personal preferences, your time, your resources (or whatever) out of a desire to do the right thing, a desire to serve others. But then those people you sacrificed for actually turn on you, accusing you of having wrong motives or questioning your integrity or honesty.

So, does the fact that things went south mean that we did the wrong thing? Should we become cynical and determine, “Well, see if I ever try to help them again!”? Sadly, we sometimes yield to the temptation of cynicism and withdraw from sacrificial service to a place of pursuing our own comfort and safety in life.

Join Pastor Larry McCall in Acts 21:15-36. Interestingly, it’s the story of Paul agreeing to sacrifice his own preferences, comfort and even finances, only to have the people he was trying to help turn on him. Yet, as we follow Paul in the rest of the book of Acts, it’s captivating to see that he didn’t get “ugly” personally. He maintained his faith in Christ and his love for others, yes, even those who wrongly hurt him.