A Life Radically Changed by Christ

Acts 21:37-22:29

It would seem that our society is becoming increasingly hostile to Christians who profess to believe biblical truths. Letting others know our convictions about Christ and His gospel often invites mockery and isolation. How far down the road is open persecution for us North American Christians?

What should be our response to this threat? It’s tempting to avoid the negativity and abuse by just blending in, just going along by abandoning our beliefs or at least keeping our beliefs to ourselves. But we’re not the first generation of Christians to be faced with these issues. In fact, the first generation of Christians did face these issues. In particular, the Apostle Paul faced slander and persecution again and again. Yet, he never backed down. He showed a humble but determined courage in continuing to proclaim the gospel to the people he encountered, even if he knew those people might not be favorable to what he had to say.

Paul hadn’t always been a promoter of the gospel. He had been a persecutor rather than a promoter. Join Pastor Larry McCall in Acts 22 as recounts how his life was radically changed by Christ.