Stay With the Ship!

Acts 27

The Bible contains some well-known, real-life “adventure” stories. Many people have heard the stories of David and Goliath or Daniel in the lions’ den. Our passage for this coming Sunday (Acts 27) is an exciting, real-life adventure story that involves a ship caught in a storm, fighting for survival on the sea and finally a shipwreck on an island that everyone amazingly survives. Are you familiar with this story?

The Apostle Paul was on this ship caught in the storm. During the storm he assures the crew and fellow passengers that God told him that “there will be no loss of life” even though the ship would be shipwrecked (27:22). But, some time later some of the sailors tried to save their own skin by abandoning the ship and the passengers, using the ship’s dinghy as an impromptu lifeboat. When Paul realized what they were doing he said, “Unless these men stay in the ship, you cannot be saved” (27:32). Hmmm . . . How do those two verses fit together? “Salvation” was promised by God, but the people needed to stay with the ship if they were to be saved.

Join Pastor Larry McCall as we look at this real-life adventure story and see ways that our own lives can be impacted. We need to “stay with the ship” of Christ if we are to be saved.

Application Questions
1. What are some of the verses that describe God’s promises of preserving his people?

2. What are some of the verses that talk about the need to “stay with the ship of Christ”?

3. What are some of life’s “dinghies” that we are tempted to get in, seeking “security” when we face various storms?

4. What are some of the means available to us individually and as Christian friends to ’stay with the ship” of Christ?