Acts 28:1-10

Anybody else terrified of snakes? Acts 28:1-10 records an encounter the apostle Paul had with a viper on the shore of Malta and how God used him to heal countless people on that island. Join Pastor Marc Goodwin as he gives us hope as followers of Jesus as we face pain, suffering, and death in our own lives. The serpent, Satan, may have figuratively sunk his fangs into the human race and injected us with the venom of sin long ago in the garden, but God is at work to reverse the curse!

Application Questions
1. In the first half of the story, we see that God miraculously intervenes to rescue Paul. Have you ever seen or experienced firsthand any miraculous interventions of God? How do those experiences build our faith and affect our prayers?

2. Are you or someone you know dealing with any pain or suffering that seems overwhelming right now? If so, take time to pray big prayers for them—that God would intervene.

3. In the second half of the story, we get a glimpse, from this experience on Malta, of how God is in the business of pushing back the curse of sin… Consider reading the last few chapters of Revelation, then ask how remembering this promised future should impact our walk through the sufferings of life in the meantime.

4. How can we have confidence that the curse has actually been lifted, when we still experience pain and suffering, even as God’s people?