Will We Acknowledge Him?

Psalm 1

Join us as Dr. Matt Harmon introduces our new sermon series, “Worthy: A Study in Psalms.” In it, he’ll be showing how Psalm 1 describes a “worthy life” and how Psalm 2 describes a “worthy king,” helping us see how our worthy King (Jesus) lived that worthy life—and how we are called to “take refuge” in Him (2:12). The question is not, “Is Jesus worthy of our lives?” but rather, “Will we acknowledge Him as such?”

Application Questions
Psalm 1: The Worthy Life

1. When you read passages like this one—that contrast the life of the “blessed” man and the “wicked” man—which do you most readily identify yourself with? Why? (What might be the danger of always reading ourselves into the more flattering descriptions of people rather then into the darker descriptions?)

2. What are ways that you have been walking, standing, or sitting too closely to non-believers in recent days? How as a group can we help you as you seek to draw close to more godly influencers?

3. Practically speaking, how do you seek to “meditate” on God’s Word—rather than merely reading it or hearing it taught? Also, how frequently are you going to God’s Word (are you planted by it or just visiting it every now and again)?

4. The tree imagery that the psalmist used in verse 3 is picturesque. How did God’s Word make Jesus strong and fruitful (like that tree planted by the stream) in His life? How has God’s Word made you strong and fruitful in your life recently?

Psalm 2: The Worthy King
1. It is not just a generic “God” that we are called to follow or believe in. This psalm specifically sets up “the Son,” Jesus, as the One that human beings must take refuge in (v. 12). Why is it important for us to direct people specifically to Jesus and not just to “God” (however they might conceive of Him)?

2. Discuss the irony of being saved from Jesus by Jesus. How does that work?! How ought that enhance our worship and awe of Him?