He Is Not Silent

Psalm 19

God didn’t have to speak to us. He was under no obligation. Yet he did.

Consider the evidence of His loving grace as you read your Bible. God could have left us in the dark, guaranteeing that we would never know Him, never enjoy Him, never see His glory.

But, He is not silent. God has communicated to us in His world and in His Word. Join Pastor Larry McCall as we learn from Psalm 19 together.

Application Questions
1. Is there a time in your life where you clearly heard God’s “voice” (not literally of course!) through the created world? What was that like for you?

2. How might you be able to use Creation as a springboard to spiritual conversation with a non-believer? (How might creation spring curiosity, conviction, awe, etc. in someone who isn’t even converted?)

3. There are many descriptors of the Bible in verses 7-11, and its effects on the human heart (reviving, making wise, rejoicing, enlightening, warning). Which of those have you experienced in recent days?

4. How should a Christian approach the Bible during seasons where he doesn’t feel like it is “desirable” or “sweet” (v. 10)?

5. What is your current intake of the Bible like (personally and as a family)? Practically speaking, how do you approach the Bible to read it in a way that allows it to deeply affect you?

6. Why is it important to remember that reading the Word is not an end in and of itself, but rather, it is a means to be engaged with Christ Himself and reminded of Him? How will this impact the way we read it?