My Good Shepherd

Psalm 23

Many people have commented that we live in a culture that is increasingly biblically illiterate. A growing percentage of people here in 21st century western culture know little, if anything, about the contents of the Bible.

But there are probably two or three passages in the Bible that the majority of people in our culture, even people who never attend church services, have heard, maybe in a movie or maybe at some relative’s funeral. One passage would be The Lord’s Prayer. The other most-familiar passage from the Bible would probably be the 23rd Psalm.

So familiar. But, it is? What gem have we missed in Psalm 23?

Join Pastor Larry McCall as we look afresh at Psalm 23. Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit exalts the Good Shepherd in our thinking, our affections, and in our daily life together as a church family.

Application Questions
1. Would you say that your life is more like a walk beside still waters right now, or more like a walk through the valley of the shadow of death? Why?

2. What unique temptations do times of peacefulness face us with (e.g. presuming upon God’s kindness, ignoring of Him, etc.)? How can we guard ourselves in those seasons?

3. What unique temptations do times of suffering face us with (e.g. bitterness, distancing from God, isolation, etc.)? How can we guard ourselves in those seasons?

4. The psalm ends with a look toward the future—the sure future—of being in God’s presence forever. How does remembering the end-goal of history (the new earth) impact the way we live in the here and now?

5. In John 10:14, Jesus referred to Himself as “the good shepherd.” In what ways does he function as a shepherd for His people? How has He “restored your soul?” How has He “led you in paths of righteousness?” How has He walked with you through deep valleys? How has He comforted you? How has He protected you?