Worthy Even of a Cold & Broken Hallelujah

Psalm 42

Psalm 42 is a psalm that delves into an experience of life that is sensitive for many people: spiritual depression. Have you ever struggled with spiritual depression? Do you know others who are struggling?

Join Marc Goodwin as he shares about hope in God when we are spiritually depressed, because God is worthy and because He cares for us even when our experiences scream otherwise.

Application Questions
1. Why do you think we are so timid/nervous to talk about depression in American churches?

2. Was there a time in your life when you were spiritually depressed and what that was like for you? (Or, how has spiritual depression been a part of your lives recently—or even currently?)

3. Why is it important for us to remember that human beings are complex beings with many factors at play in our souls? How should that impact the way that we care for each other in the face of spiritual depression?

4. What truths of the gospel are particuarly important for us to remember (or to remind each other of) when we are in the midst of spiritual depression?

5. What is the relationship between this psalmist’s depression and his detachment from God’s people? How ought that to be instructive to us? What impact does spiritual community have on the soul of a spiritually depressed person?

6. How familiar are you with the practice of “talking to yourself” like this psalm-writer did? What sort of things might be good to recite to yourself?

7. What might God be “up to” in our spiritual depressing circumstances? Why would He leave us in the midst of it, even when we are pouring out our soul to Him?