Wise Up: A Generous Heart

Proverbs 3

No one likes paying taxes. When we see deductions from our paychecks or when we fill out our tax returns, few of us are doing so cheerfully. Why? Because typically it is law that is driving us to contribute; it is regulations that are dictating how much we give. Unfortunately, for many people, contributing to the needs of the church and to the advancement of God’s mission doesn’t feel all that different from paying taxes. For some, if we give, we do so out of obligation or duty. But when God calls for generosity among His people (whether it’s with our checkbooks, our calendars, or our gifts), He wants us to be motivated by love, not by law. This Sunday, we’ll see what Proverbs has to teach us about generosity as God’s people – as those who’ve been given much and are now called to give ourselves. And we’ll see that generosity is about far more than dollars and cents.