Wise Up: Honesty is the Best Policy

Proverbs 12

You don’t have to teach children to lie. At an early age, you can start to see the wheels turn in their minds as they realize that leaving details out, or giving answers that are patently false, can actually be to their advantage. And sadly, all of us take that bait of temptation. As we grow up, we often try to convince ourselves that our lies can be “little” or “white”– that they really aren’t that big of a deal. We justify and excuse ourselves and let subtle forms of deceit become the norm in our life. Yet God’s Word has a far different picture to paint for us and calls us to a life of truth-telling and integrity! As we look at Proverbs 12:22, we’ll see the ugliness of deceit – but also how gracious God is toward liars like us.