Looking to serve at Christ’s Covenant Church? Below are some areas where help is needed. If you are looking to get involved and feel gifted in any of these areas, please contact the person listed and see how you can help!

Creative & Artistic Opportunities
Throughout time, God has given people gifts of creativity and artistic skill to be used to benefit others. At CCC, here are a few ways you could serve in creative or artistic capacities:

  • Photographing or editing pictures from CCC ministries and events
  • Filming and editing footage for videos used in worship services and/or promotion of events and sharing of stories with the church
  • Assisting in decorating the church building (stage design, centerpieces, signs, etc.) for seasonal activities, special events, etc.

Contact: Pastor Marc Goodwin (mgoodwin@christscovenant.org)

Musical Worship
Music is a gift of God, and its use in worship is one of great importance for His people! A few ways you may be able to help with musical worship within our church are:

  • Being a vocalist
  • Playing an instrument (guitar, bass, piano, etc.)
  • Working the sound board

Contact: Marcos Navarro (mnavarro@christscovenant.org)

Leadership Positions
As with any church, there are varying levels of leadership within the life of our congregation, but a few that may be of interest to you would be:

  • Serving as an Elder or Pastor (we think of these synonymously)
  • Serving as a Deacon
  • Serving as a Life Group Leader
  • Serving on the Women’s Ministry Leadership Team

Contact: Pastor Marc Goodwin (mgoodwin@christscovenant.org)

Children’s Ministry
If you’re interested in serving the children of our church (and by extension, their families), these serving roles could be a good fit:

  • Welcoming families at the Children’s Check-In
  • Providing care for infants or toddlers in our nurseries on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings
  • Teaching, or being a helper, in a Sunday morning class
  • Helping with our Wednesday evening program called Lost & Found (leading a small group, teaching, organizing games, etc.)
  • Working at special and/or periodic events (such as Date Nights, Vacation Bible School, etc., we provide transportation since we like to shop around with complete auto loans; therefore, we have plenty of cars to provide you the service.
  • Serving at outreaches in the community (at schools, parks, etc.)

Contact: Jordan Weddle (jweddle@christscovenant.org)

Student Ministry
Here are a few ways you could be involved in helping our church disciple middle and high schoolers:

  • Helping lead a small group on Wednesday evenings
  • Teaching class on Sunday mornings
  • Serving as a chaperone on trips
  • Volunteering as a Prayer Mentor for a student throughout his/her time in student ministry

Contact: Jake Osborn (josborn@christscovenant.org)

In the New Testament, the church is sometimes referred to as the “household of God.” As any good household, we need people among us to ensure that we are good hosts to guests who may join us. Here are hospitality related ways you could serve:

  • Serving as a greeter on Sundays as part of our Connections Team
  • Serving as a host for Life Education classes for adults
  • Serving as an usher on Sundays (helping people find seats, taking offering, etc.)

Contact: Pastor Rod Valentine (rvalentine@christscovenant.org)

Counseling Ministry
God’s people are called to help each other grow in godliness, face adversity, deal with grief, etc. If you have desire to serve in the counseling ministry of the church, these are ways you could potentially help:

  • Serving as a lay counselor
  • Teaching classes or leading groups that have a particular counseling emphasis
  • Serving as a mentor for engaged couples
  • Serving as a mentor for younger adults

Contact: Pastor Rod Valentine (rvalentine@christscovenant.org)

Care & Benevolence
Many people in the life of our church face intense struggles (whether physical or economic) or simply find themselves in need of some direct care for a time. Here are several ways you could potentially help those who are in need:

  • Visiting those who are homebound
  • Making hospital visits
  • Assisting the Deacons of the church in caring for those in economic crisis
  • Praying regularly for specific individuals/families
  • Providing meals

Contact: Pastor Rod Valentine (rvalentine@christscovenant.org)