Short term trips are a wonderful way for God’s people to be involved in the spreading of the gospel, whether internationally or domestically. These trips have many potential benefits. Short-term trips can be opportunities for CCC’ers to:

  • Encourage churches and individual Christians in foreign contexts
  • Provide tangible services or relief to people in need (e.g. medical care, clean water, etc.)
  • Share the gospel with non-believers
  • Get a glimpse of what international mission work is like
  • Expand their view of how God may use them personally in global mission work

Periodically, as a church family, we will organize short-term trips that individuals can be a part of. But we also realize that many of these trips may be organized by para-church ministries or schools. We have set up a fund that we use exclusively to help provide financial support for those in our church who are going on short-term service or mission trips, whether through CCC or another organization. If you are interested in applying to receive financial support for your trip, you can download our Short-Term Trip Application and return it to the church office.