Because we live in a fallen world, there are times we need others to encourage us in the hope that is ours in Christ. At Christ’s Covenant Church, we believe that the Bible is not simply a recipe book for happiness; it ultimately exists to point us to the person of Jesus Christ as the One who redeems us and helps us become more like Him. We believe real and lasting change occurs when people know themselves and their problems within the context of a living and vital relationship with Jesus Christ. But the reality is that we all go through times when our sin and the struggles of life overwhelm us…and we need help.

The Soul Care Ministries at Christ’s Covenant Church exist to come alongside individuals and couples to lovingly meet them in their struggles and graciously point them to Christ.

Restoration Group exists as a safe place in which struggling people are able to experience healing from hurts, habits, and hang-ups that have become persistent and destructive patterns in their lives. If you are in the midst of a seemingly unwinnable struggle, would you consider meeting with others to begin the process of confession, repentance, and healing? Our weekly restoration group begins with worship and a brief time of teaching. The bulk of the meeting is spent in small, gender specific groups. Within an atmosphere of openness and vulnerability, leaders and participants alike spur each other toward godliness and toward the only One who can restore. The group is confidential and open to all. Contact Pastor Rod Valentine to learn about regular meeting times.

Lay Helping Ministry provides caring and qualified people ready to confidentially serve couples or individuals (18 and older) who may be facing difficult emotional or relational moments in their lives. Individuals are paired with a Lay Helper who will make observations based upon a biblical perspective and suggest new ways to approach areas of concern in life based on principles from God’s Word. Since this is a lay ministry, occasional situations may arise which require more intensive attention and/or treatment options. In these instances, Lay Helpers will aid in referring individuals elsewhere for more appropriate care. Meaningful establishment or continuation of connection to the body of believers at CCC is a primary goal. The Lay Helping Ministry is free for our people. Appointments can be scheduled by contacting Pastor Rod Valentine at the church office.

Post-Abortion Ministry, called Living in His Forgiveness, is a one-on-one ministry to women who are struggling with shame and/or guilt over a past abortion and desire to find forgiveness and freedom.

Pastor Rod Valentine