Sunday Review, 9.22.19

Below are some notes from this weekend if you weren’t able to join us:


  • Pastor Marty Machowski visited and shared God’s Word with us from Exodus 10:1-11. You can listen to it, or download it, by going here: Our Kids, God’s Plan, and a Plague of Locusts
  • Each Sunday, we hand out “Children’s Bulletins” to help kids pay attention and benefit from their time in the worship gatherings. If you’d like to see yesterday’s “Children’s Bulletin” and potentially use it as a way to jog your memory of ways you could follow up with your child about the gathering, you can find it by going here: Children’s Bulletin from 09.22.19


  • In our Life Education classes, the 3-year-olds through 6th graders are going through the Gospel Project Curriculum. This week they learned from 2 Kings 6 about how God protected Elisha with an invisible army. Memory Verse – “I am the Lord; that is my name; my glory I give to no other, nor my praise to carved idols. (Isaiah 42:8). Big Picture Question and Answer: Q: How many gods ae there? A: There is one true God who alone deserves worship.Elisha and the Army Big Picture Card
  • During Service, our 2s-Kindergarten classes are working their way through The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible. This week they learned from Genesis 12 and 15 about how Abraham counted the stars. Key Truth – God never forgets his people. Memory Verse – “He determines the number of stars; he gives to all of them their names.”  (Psalm 147:4) Application Question and Answer: Q: Do you know that Abraham was Jesus’ great, great, far-off grandfather? A: Now anyone who believes in Jesus is part of Abraham’s family too. We can’t count all of God’s people, but God knows each one by name.