Sunday Review, 9.24.17

Below are some notes from this weekend if you weren’t able to join us:


  • Pastor Marc shared about what gave John the Baptist such a firm conviction that Jesus was “the One” that they had been waiting for. You can listen to it, or download it, by going here: John: Give & Take.
  • Each Sunday, we hand out “Children’s Bulletins” to help kids pay attention and benefit from their time in the worship gatherings. If you’d like to see yesterday’s “Children’s Bulletin” and potentially use it as a way to jog your memory of ways you could follow up with your child about the gathering, you can find it by going here: Children’s Bulletin from 9.24.17


  • In our children’s classes, as part of the Gospel Project curriculum, boys and girls learned about  The Last Supper. If you’d like to see a short summary of what was taught, as well as have a simple question or two that you could ask to further process the lesson with your child, check this out: Summary of GP Lesson from 9.24.17

Check back tomorrow for “Food for Thought,” in which we’ll share a handful of articles from around the internet that we’d recommend for you to check out!