The Paradoxes of Christmas & Our New Polity

paradoxes sliderAs we enter into the Christmas season, there are a number of announcements to be made! The most celebrated announcement we all anticipate is the coming of Jesus in this upcoming Advent season. It’s amazing to realize the King of kings and Lord of lords was so influential in the history of humanity that our entire culture slows down to celebrate and share gifts with one another!

Speaking of Advent, you may be wondering what’s next now that we’ve concluded our series on the Church – our home away from Home. Heading into the Christmas season, we have decided to take some intentional time to ponder many of the paradoxes of Christmas.

Do you know what a paradox is? A paradox is something that seems to be contradictory or absurd at first glance, but once investigated or explained proves to be trustworthy and well-founded.

Therefore, this Christmas season, we would like to ponder some of the paradoxes surrounding the birth of Jesus in an attempt to marvel at the mystery we find in the majestic Son of God. We will be exploring things like: Jesus being both God and man; Jesus being a rich King, yet being made poor in His humanity; Jesus being worthy of worship yet hated by so many; and the list goes on!

We are looking forward to this series and trust you will encounter the glories of the gospel as we ponder these paradoxes together! It’s a series you won’t want to miss!

A final announcement we would also like to make is the result of the vote on our proposed polity. We are pleased to announce the elders’ proposed polity was officially adopted by a three-quarter majority vote (actually 76%) by our membership at last Sunday night’s meeting. Thanks to all of our members who were able to make it to the meeting and vote! We really appreciate your partnership in the process.

Though we don’t feel the congregation will experience many tangible changes as a result of this new polity, we wanted you all to be aware and informed about these changes.

And though polity is important, we don’t unify ourselves around polity. We unite around the gospel of grace and the mission God has for us to a lost and dying world. There’s no better season than Advent to put polity behind us and move forward in our mission together, announcing the coming of Jesus to our neighbors – the rich King who became poor so they might have an eternal inheritance by placing their trust in Him!