The Outlet is CCC’s college ministry, which gathers together monthly for lunch. The main goal of this ministry is to help college students find ways to get connected to the community at CCC, to serve using their gifts, and to participate regularly in worship and prayer within the church. Gatherings will typically be held on the third Sunday of each month during the school year, starting at noon at CCC.

The Outlet’s top priorities could be summarized in three words: worship, fellowship, and service.

Worship: The foundation of all the church does, in service and fellowship, is worship. College students are always encouraged to make weekly worship on Sunday mornings an priority, and to consider participating in our adult Life Education classes on Sunday mornings as well.

Fellowship: It can be very hard for anyone, especially a college student, to feel connected at a large church. Our primary means of facilitating fellowship at CCC is through groups of adults called Life Groups. These groups are small communities within the church body which allow members of CCC to share life with a core group of people. College students will have the opportunity to sign up for a life group at The Outlet, or they can contact one of the pastors to learn more as well.

Service: 1 Corinthians 12:21-23 talks about the body of Christ and how each member is indispensable. Biblically speaking, getting involved at a church for any member (including college students) is not optional! And while that is true, sometimes getting involved can feel complicated or intimidating. At The Outlet each month, we hope to greatly simplify that process for college students by making them aware of ministries in which they can serve.


Jake Osborn