Advent in Isaiah: Gloom to Glory

Gloom, distress, anguish, contempt, darkness. Those were the words used by the prophet Isaiah to describe the minds and hearts of the people of Judah as they believed their lives and culture were about to crumble around them. But, as the people stumbled along in their gloom, God called them to look ahead. There, on the horizon, was a light shining–a light of hope–the light of the coming Deliverer. But, what would this God-promised Deliverer look like? Would He look like a mighty angel? Like some great warrior? Like one of the super-heroes of the movies so popular in our own culture? The answer may surprise you, even as it surely surprised those despairing people who first heard this reassuring promise from God. It caused gloom to lift and fear to flee, and, interestingly, came in the form of a birth announcement! But this was no ordinary birth announcement. Join us as we gaze at this glorious Deliverer promised in Isaiah 9:1-7.