Coronavirus Update – March 13


See below for a message from the pastors about the decision to cancel worship service for March 15. In lieu of meeting, we’ve provided a “Worship Guide” which you could use in your home. You can access it here: WORSHIP GUIDE

As you are undoubtedly aware, the world has been abuzz in recent days about the rise and spread of the virus known as COVID-19 (coronavirus). As your pastors, we are “physicians of the soul” (to use an old Puritan term)—not medical doctors. We are not experts about viruses, immune systems, medications, or anything of the sort. But we do have a responsibility to think on behalf of the congregation and to provide leadership about difficult decisions at times. Over the last few weeks, and more intensely over the last few days, we have been carefully following reports and recommendations pertaining to this virus from medical professionals and government authorities—while also processing potential decisions with other leaders within our church (deacons, staff, security team, etc.).

Ultimately, we have decided to cancel our worship service and all church activities for this Sunday, March 15 (as well as our programs/activities for Wednesday, March 18). No decision is being made as of now regarding dates or activities outside of the week ahead.

This has not been an easy decision. In Scripture, we see corporate worship commanded and celebrated as a gift of God (Hebrews 10:24-25). We love being together Sunday by Sunday. We see it as the best day of the week and hope that you do as well! Yet, there are other Scriptures that we must be guided by as well, which are contributing factors in our decision:

  • We are called to respect governing authorities (Romans 13:1-7). And our Governor’s office has announced restrictions on public gatherings for the time being. If our government isn’t calling us to sin, we should have a disposition to honor and follow them.
  • We also are called to love our neighbors (Mark 12:28). And while we don’t know the full extent of the risk and realities of the virus, it is loving to do what we can to help protect vulnerable populations. Out of love for neighbor, we’d encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wise practices described under the “general information and resources” at:

We should not be afraid of this virus—or even of death itself. Our decision to cancel our worship service is not fueled by fear. As Christians, we of all people should not be panicked. We are certain of God’s sovereignty, even over our sufferings. And we are certain that we have a Savior who has conquered death and will one day raise us up with Him. May we live like that is true, even as we seek to live wisely in this world.

In lieu of our worship service on Sunday, we are going to send out a digital worship guide sometime in the next day or so, which we would encourage you to use in your homes. Sunday will still be the Lord’s Day, and will still be a reminder that our Savior was raised to life that Sunday long ago. We’ll post that content on Facebook and on our website at It will have Scripture passages for you to read and discuss, as well as links to songs that you could sing and suggestions for ways that you could pray. We’ll also include information in there about how you could make financial contributions, since our local and international mission doesn’t stop because we’re unable to physically gather together.

We do not know what the next few days or weeks have in store. But our prayer is that the gospel’s relevance is realized, and that its power is experienced more and more—both in our hearts as God’s people, and in the hearts of the lost among us. Who knows what God may have in store. Let’s cry out to Him and then follow His leadership.

-Pastor Marc, on behalf of the pastors and staff of CCC