Follow-Up From Weekend With Christopher Yuan

It’s been amazing to observe all of the good things God’s been doing already in 2015!

Though the preaching team planned the In His Image series, I don’t think we had any idea how fruitful and freeing those various topics would be for God’s people. Of particular interest was the weekend we shared with Christopher Yuan and his parents discussing the issue of same-sex attraction.


Since that weekend, we’ve been blessed by many pastoral interactions with our flock affirming how fruitful and freeing that weekend was for many people within our church family. So much so, that we want to continue to capitalize on that weekend by resourcing our people with helpful materials that will equip and encourage them along the way.

We’ve had Christians within our fellowship identify with Christopher Yuan’s testimony and confess to temptations toward same-sex attraction because they felt safe to share their struggle without being treated like “one of those people.” We’ve had parents emboldened with fresh faith to pray for their wayward children – encouraged by God’s power to save! We’ve had singles find renewed vision for their lives, realizing singleness is a spiritual gift given to serve others and advance God’s mission (even if it’s accompanied by longings for relationship). And as a pastoral team, we’ve been awakened to new areas of focus for pastoral ministry and service to God’s flock. It has been amazing to see God’s faithfulness throughout the process!

Over the next couple of days, we will be posting some resources on our blog in hopes of helping our people on this journey together. We hope these posts will be a benefit to your walk and an encouragement in our partnership together in the gospel. Stay tuned!

-Pastor Nate


In the meantime, if you weren’t able to hear Christopher or Mr. and Mrs. Yuan share while they were here (we had terrible weather that weekend), you can listen to the audio of their teachings by following these links:


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