Food for Thought 10.04.2019

Below are some links we’d recommend that you peruse, which we think could be of help in stirring your thoughts as a follower of Christ.

He Asked to Hug the Woman Who Killed His Brother: a moving example of how the gospel of Christ can bring forth extraordinary mercy and grace, even toward those who are our enemies.

Your Church Needs You to Sing: “So, when the music starts this weekend, don’t underestimate what happens as you sing. You are engaging your heart, teaching those around you (and receiving teaching), and declaring God’s faithfulness. The simple act of lifting your voice in song may well be the most significant way you serve your church this Sunday.”

How We Helped Our Children Transition to “Big” Church: “My sacrifice, planning, praying, training, and modeling is worth it. Being the one to teach my children to worship their Creator is an awesome privilege. Parent, enjoy the opportunity you have been given, and with the Lord’s help, be faithful to your precious calling as a parent.”

The Discipline of Listening: “For the aching heart, an open ear may be the best comfort.”