One Book: 2 Corinthians

Have you ever felt life should be easier than the way you experience it? Or maybe you’ve wondered if your faith is authentic because you sometimes struggle to believe what God says? Maybe you’ve questioned if God could ever use you in any significant way because you really don’t have it all together.

Well…be encouraged! Our natural inclination is to measure our spiritual success by our performance and to assume that life should be comfortable and our reputations impeccable if we were truly sold out to God. But that is not the picture the Bible paints. We find from Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians that this couldn’t be further from the truth…

According to Paul, a life that is truly lived for the glory of God is a life marked by the message of the Cross. Such a life is often characterized by struggle, suffering, ridicule, and misunderstanding. It’s pretty ordinary, sometimes even cracked and broken, like a “jar of clay.” Yet we are the instrument God uses to magnify His glorious grace to the world!

Join us as we explore Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians and see how the glorious Gospel manifests to the world through jars of clay like you and me.