One Book: Philippians

We are just a few days away from the election, and regardless of what your political views may be, we are all probably looking forward to the end of the campaign. That way our social media feeds that are filled with links to articles and fierce debates over which candidate is better or worse can go back to what God intended Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for in the first place: pet and recipe videos.

Despite the question of who to vote for, it seems that the most common reaction to our current election season is a profound sense of disappointment and frustration. In a country of nearly 300 million people surely these cannot be the best candidates, right? Beyond disappointment and frustration, a good number of people, including believers, have expressed despair at the future of our country. Some have gone so far as to claim that if a certain candidate is or is not elected, it could mean the end of Christianity here in the United States.

So at a time like this, when it seems like the broader cultural around us and the political sphere in particular is so broken, how should we as followers of Jesus Christ live? Join us Sunday as we look at the book of Philippians and are reminded of the joy we have as citizens of God’s Kingdom.