Reformation Sunday Recap

If you aren’t aware, every Monday, we post an entry called the “Sunday Review” here on the church’s blog. In it, we share some of the basics about our worship services from that particular Sunday–for those who may have missed it.

This week was no exception…But our worship service was a very unique one (Reformation Sunday–a celebration of the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation). So we wanted to make an additional (more thorough) post, in which we could share more audio, video, and pictures from that special morning…


Sermon From Sunday
If you’d like to listen to Pastor Larry’s sermon called “Here We Stand,” you can click here: SERMON FROM REFORMATION SUNDAY
Also, if you’d be interested in listening to some of Pastor Larry’s sermons on the Five Solas of the Reformation that he had previously preached at CCC, you can click here: HERE WE STAND SERMON SERIES

Audio of the Music
We had a choir that helped lead in singing, and we had various folks play instruments as well. If you’d like to listen to the audio that was recorded of all six songs, you can click here: SONGS FROM REFORMATION SUNDAY

Video of the Final Two Songs
We had some technical difficulties with our recording equipment during the first part of the worship service on Sunday, but we were able to record the final two songs of the morning. (With the positioning of the camera, the view of the choir and instrumentalists is not the greatest, but you can still get a feel of what it was like! We’re learning as we do more things like this!). If you’d like to see those videos, you can click here:

Photos from Sunday Morning
One of the many talented photographers from our congregation took some pictures to help capture what took place during our time together…