Resources for Parents

The frigid conditions might have led to us canceling our services yesterday, but I (Marc) trust that you had a worshipful day at home!

Today, we are finishing our brief series of follow-up posts from the weekend we had with the Yuans, with a compilation of various links to resources that may be helpful in the family context. So check out the list below, and see if these may be of help to you—or to those that you are walking with right now.


Teaching Your Kids About Sexuality


“The Birds & the Bees: The Gospel & Your Children’s Sexuality” a great article by David Prince (part two is HERE)

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Sexual Development by Lindsey Holcomb

“Teaching Children Healthy Sexuality” by Rob Jackson — a series of three blog posts from Focus on the Family

“Training Heart Identities in Boys and Girls” by Luma Simms

“Sooner Than You Think” a blog by Mary Flo Ridley, though not extremely active in posting, that seems to have a lot of helpful posts to look back through

“Help Your Kids Say ‘No’ to Porn” by Jen Wilkin

“The Pre-Sex Talks with Adolescents” by Brad Hambrick



Time for the Talk: Leading Your Son Into True Manhood by Steve Zollos

The Story of Me, Before I Was Born, What’s the Big Deal, and Facing the Facts || a series of books called “God’s Design for Sex”

The Talk || a Bible study written for parents to use with children who are 6-10 years old


Parenting Unbelieving Children

“12 Ways to Love Your Wayward Child” an article by John Piper

“Hope for Prodigal Children” an article by Burk Parsons

“Get Outta My Face: How to Reach Angry Unmotivated Teens With Biblical Counsel” a book by Rick Horne