Snapshots: The Parable of the Pharisee & the Tax Collector

Every Christian story begins with God’s gracious forgiveness that we don’t deserve. And, frankly, that story never ends. Yet our performance as religious people can tempt us to think God now accepts us based on the good things we do, rather than on the gracious work He has done. Then, if that’s not bad enough, we can dangerously assume that others don’t deserve forgiveness because they haven’t earned it (like we have!).

Ever been there? Well, if you have, this parable will be a great reminder for us to return to the place where our story began – with God’s grace and mercy. As we will see, it’s the only place of safety. It’s the only place we should long to be. Join us as we explore Luke 18:9-14, the Parable of the Pharisee & the Tax Collector, together.