Youth Group

All middle and high schoolers are invited to join together on Sunday evenings for a time of fellowship, teaching, singing, discussion, and prayer.

Lost & Found

The name of this children’s ministry program comes from Matthew 18:10-14, where Jesus describes God’s heart for “little ones” by using the metaphor of a shepherd who is willing to leave 99 of his sheep in order to go and find the 1 who is lost–and how there is rejoicing when that sheep is found. […]

Thinking Biblically About Race

Join us for a three week mini-course, led by Pastor Marc, Dr. Harmon, and John Sloat. They will try to help guide thought, and answer questions, from a biblical perspective, about the issue of race. This is a volatile, but important, subject; and it’s one that we must not shy away from. NOTE: As of […]

LGBTQ+ and the Christian

We are excited to co-host an equipping event on October 10, along with five other local churches in our area, to address the subject of “LGBTQ+ and the Christian.” For more details, visit this link: LGBTQ+ and the Christian

The Well

After a long hiatus due to COVID-19, we are excited to be hosting “the Well” once again! All women are invited to join us for a gathering to worship, learn, and fellowship together. This gathering of the Well will take place outdoors at the church–with fire pits, s’mores, etc. Ladies will share testimonies of how […]

Thinking Biblically About Government

Join us for a three week mini-course, led by Pastor Marc, Dr. Harmon, and Jake Osborn. As we near our next presidential election and navigate very heated conversations in our community related to it, it’s important that we look less to party platforms and media commentators and more to the Scriptures. NOTE: As of now, […]