We’re so glad you’re interested in visiting Christ’s Covenant Church! We know trying out a new church can be a little overwhelming, especially on a Sunday morning, so here is some helpful information to make your visit more enjoyable. And if you think of other questions that aren’t answered here, please feel free to call the church office at (574) 267-8973.

Service Times
We have a Life Education hour on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. followed by a Sunday Service at 10:15 a.m.

Guest Lunch
Regularly we have our Guest Lunch for those who are newer to the church, at which you can meet some of our pastors, ask questions about the church, and hear more in depth about how to get connected in community and in serving! We are not currently hosting these due to COVID, but look forward to doing so again soon.

Visitors can park in our designated visitor parking spots which are located at the north end of the parking lot (closest to the building) and are clearly marked. When you enter the parking lot, simply drive directly down the middle lane toward the building until you get to the front row, and you should see designated Guest Parking spots!

Welcome Center
Our Welcome Center is located on the east side of our main lobby. If you need help locating a classroom or have questions about our church, please stop by the Welcome Center at any time on a Sunday morning, and greeters will be available to help you. They’d love to meet you, hear some of your story, and help you find your way around the church! While you’re there at the Welcome Center, we’d love to give you a Welcome Bag, with a small gift and some information about the church that you could take home with you.

Nurseries and Classes for Children
We view the weekly worship gathering of our church as being vitally important for the health of children’s souls. We encourage parents to have their children be present and engaged in these gatherings as young as possible. During the worship service, we provide nurseries for the youngest children (two years old and down) for the entirety of the service. Children three years old through kindergarten are able to be dismissed midway through the service–for a teaching and activity time that is more geared toward their age group. This dismissal, however, is not required if families would like to keep children with them in the service.

At 9:00 a.m. each Sunday, we have nurseries and classes for children of all ages, which utilize a curriculum called the Gospel Project. These classes provide children with an opportunity to learn the storyline of the Bible in a way that has Christ as its focus from beginning to end. Life Education classes for adults are offered simultaneously to these classes, enabling families to come together and learn with their peers before gathering with the collective church for worship.

There is also a Nursing Mothers’ Room available right off the main lobby for moms who still want to see and hear the services. You can head to THIS LINK to hear more about the check-in process, security, events, etc.

Worship Service
Our whole goal during our worship service is to help our people focus on the Person and the work of Jesus Christ. You can expect that on most weeks, we’ll worship through music, through giving opportunities, and through the preaching of God’s Word. We will occasionally celebrate communion and baptisms in our services as well. Dress for our worship service is pretty casual. Some people wear jeans and others dress up. Whatever is comfortable for you is great!