Have you ever walked a trail and utilized the signs that help mark its twists and turns? Those are called “wayposts.”

At CCC, we take seriously our calling to reach the generations with the gospel of Christ. We want to help children healthily proceed from infancy into adulthood, leading them down the path toward gospel maturity. Along the way, there are six “wayposts” that we can discern from the Scriptures–areas of particular need (and opportunity) at different stages of their development. These wayposts can help us all stay on track as we disciple the generations coming behind us, and as we walk down the path ourselves!

Waypost 1: Incubate – teaching them the safety of the gospel
Waypost 2: Instruct – teaching them their need of the gospel
Waypost 3: Inform – teaching them the story of the gospel
Waypost 4: Internalization – teaching them the truth of the gospel
Waypost 5: Identity – teaching them the centrality of the gospel
Waypost 6: Interdependence – teaching them the life of the gospel